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sexta-feira, 27 de março de 2015

Write an SOA integration layer with Apache Camel

Web services integration with Spring and Apache Camel

Ótimo artigo da Java World sobre a utilização do Apache Camel como integrador de serviços.


In this Java tip, learn how to use Apache Camel to develop a quick-and-easy integration layer for a service-oriented architecture. Apache Camel lets you configure Camel integration components for web service endpoints; message transformation, routing, and aggregation; and exception handling. All with a minimum of Java coding.


Integration is a top priority for enterprise projects that seek to connect multiple web service endpoints quickly, efficiently, and maintainably. From a development standpoint, integration can also be a serious challenge. One way to ease that challenge is by using an integration framework like Apache Camel.

Apache Camel's API and out-of-the-box components implement many common enterprise integration patterns (EIPs), making it relatively simple and easy to do integration tasks such as connecting web services, performing XSL transformations, logging audits, and more. In this Java tip we introduce a process for using Apache Camel as an integration solution. We start with a business integration problem involving multiple web services. We then map the problem, briefly discuss the components needed to resolve it, and implement a solution based on Apache Camel's routing engine.

Flow diagram of an SOA architecture

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