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sexta-feira, 28 de junho de 2013

The JBoss Application Server, JBoss AS, is now called Wildfly!

The JBoss Application Server, JBoss AS, is now called Wildfly!


JBoss AS was renamed to reduce confusion between the JBoss Application Server project, the JBoss Community and the Red Hat JBoss product line.

When the JBoss Application Server project was launched in 1999, no one would have ever guessed at how successful the project would become. Today, JBoss represents one of the finest Java EE application servers, a large and vibrant community, and a successful commercial product - JBoss Enterprise Application Platform.

The project continues to provide rapid innovation, cutting edge technology and an environment that inspires a developer to collaborate and contribute to the project's research and development.

The JBoss Community hosts nearly 100 projects focused on integration, business rules, processes, NoSQL, cloud, mobile, polyglot, messaging, tooling, alternative development frameworks and more.

So we asked you, the community, to help the JBoss AS project find a new name, and WildFly was chosen through an election process held in November 2012. Many thanks to the community for helping us with this change. Visit WildFly.org to learn more.

Best news:

Unparalleled Speed

Blazing fast start-up
Experience ground breaking startup speed!
In the highly optimized boot process of WildFly 8, services are started concurrently to eliminate unnecessary waits and to tap into the power of multi-core processors. Non-critical services are kept on ice until first use.
Subsequent boots save additional time by leveraging cached or indexed metadata.
As a result, WildFly offers a 10-fold reduction in startup time over previous versions and even gives Jetty and Tomcat a run for their money.

testable Easily Testable

From the very start, WildFly has been designed with testability in mind. The secret to that fidelity is Arquillian a component model for integration tests that execute inside the real runtime environment.
By removing the clutter from your tests and handling deployment and test execution, Arquillian enables you to write tests for just about any use case your application encounters: real tests.
Thanks to the speed of WildFly, Arquillian tests run nearly as fast as unit tests.

best of breed components A Strong Heritage

A new name
While the name may be new, WildFly is the eigth version of the project previously known as JBoss AS.
Picking up where JBoss AS 7 left off, Wildfly 8 is JBoss' new community project for rapidly driving forward java application server innovation.